Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter BBQ

Happy Easter! Time for the traditional Easter BBQ again. Nothing fancy or new, just good old favourites, a few baby back ribs and two nice pork shoulders (butts) in the pit.  For the smoke, used logs of apple tree.

Ribs were done in a few hours.

Ribs were delicious, juicy and nearly falling off the bone. Oh boy how I've missed smoked ribs!!

Butts needed about 10 hours until they reached 190F internal temperature.


Pulled Pork Sandwich. Love it!

It's almost absurd that it takes about 24 hours to make these sandwiches.  Lots of time and a lot of work.  Is it worth it?  Oh YES!! Tastes like heaven!

Easter meals have been PP sammies all the way! Made Carolina Red for the sauce and a vinegar based slaw.  Yummy!

All recipes can be found in the Smoked Ambrosia post.