Sunday, June 5, 2011


Made a Fatty for the first time few weeks ago. This dish has many names: Fatty, Bacon Bomb, Bacon Explosion ... don't know what it's called in Finnish or German, so I bravely named it "Iso Jytky" in Finnish and "Super Böller" in German.

I wasn't too keen on using only pork meat, what is most commonly used for a Fatty, so I used a 70-30 mix of ground beef and pork. Seasoned the meat with salt, black pepper, cayenne pepper, cumin and my own rub. Pressed the meat flat with my hands.

Sautéed one large onion and chopped about 10 fresh jalapeños for the filling.

Added grated cheese and fresh cilantro / coriander.

Rolled up this bad boy and weaved some bacon.

Covered the Fatty with the bacon blanket, dusted more BBQ rub and smoked it for about 1,5 hrs with apple tree.

After 45min glazed it with a mix of honey and BBQ sauce.

Same for the appetizer drumsticks.


Let it set for a while and then had a look inside!

Enjoyed it with a local kraut salad and BBQ sauce.

Now I know why they call Fatty a Fatty. Damn thats heavy stuff!! Two slices and I was stuffed. Very tasty and I think the jalapeño-cheese-onion filling worked out perfectly. More or less anything could be used for the filling, so I'll have to experiment further one day.