Thursday, May 26, 2011

Rapture Ribs

They said it was going to be the Judgement Day last Saturday, so I cooked my favourite meal to celebrate this big event - BBQ Baby Back Ribs and ABT's.

First we need to de-seed the jalapeños.

Then we fill'em and wrap'em. For the filling I love cream cheese and for the wrapper nothing beats bacon! There we have a nice bunch of stuffed jalapeños, or Atomic Buffalo Turds as they call them in Texas.

In they go to the pit. Got 8 racks of baby backs there already for an hour in cherry tree smoke. Why 8 racks? Well, if the world actually doesn't end, it's nice to have some leftovers for the next day...

Who needs an ABT rack? Just line them up between the griddles and we're sorted.

Got to try my new Maverick ET-732 wireless thermometer. Definitely improved to the good old ET-73. Increased range and having the power button easily accessible is already a huge plus.

Starts to look good, maybe an other 45min and we are done.

Threw in a few chicken wings as well.

Wings and ABT's are done.

Oh man do I love ABT's!

Ribs are now done too.

Usual glaze on the ribs, a mix of BBQ sauce and honey.

Very, VERY tasty!

Sterno JR seems to agree as well. He is now 1,5 years old and he ate half a rack himself!!

We love ribs!

Sterno JR & SR


Nicole Holten said...

Yummmm that looks sooo good! Love your grill!! I'm going to have to try those ABT although I am not very fond of heat. Hopefully the cream cheese will take care of some of that?

Sterno said...

Thanks Nicole!

The thing with jalapeños is that sometimes they are hot, sometimes not. Small ones are usually fierce and bigger ones - easier to stuff - are often milder anyway.

The combination of flavors with cream cheese, jalapeño and bacon is absolutely amazing. I have tried various fillings, but this one is out of this world! Highly recommended.

2-Skinny said...

What is the big grill you are using here?

Sterno said...

Hi, I'm using my Char-Griller Outlaw with the off-set firebox.


MadDog said...

Looks delish as allways :-)