Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ribs and Rubs

I made ribs again the other day and they turned out really really good. I was wondering how did they turn out so good this time compared to the previous attempt. Well, it's all in the rub.

After experimenting with the rubs last month, I have definitely gone back to my original rub. The extra spices really do the trick of creating the rich and complete flavour. The sugar which melts on the ribs creates the beautiful bark and gives the needed sweetness to go with the heat of the cayenne or the chili powder.  Actually, for quite some time already, I've added paprika powder to that rub too, as it goes so well with the ribs and just about anything in the BBQ. Sometimes a little bit mustard powder too.

And then there is the glaze. To glaze, or not to glaze, that is the question?

Well not any more!  I have tried more than enough times glazed and non-glazed ribs.  I have made up my mind: I  prefer the glazed ones, every time. Even my wife and little Jr. seems agree with that.

Nothing wrong with plain ribs and serving the sauce on the side, but glazed ribs are just ultimate to us. Pick your favourite BBQ sauce and mix it with some nice running honey. Glaze the ribs with it and let it properly stick on the ribs in the heat of the smoker for about 15 minutes - that's a glaze to die for!

That's all I had to say for now.  Phew, I feel better!


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