Monday, April 25, 2011

Pulled Pork Tacos

Finally got myself a tortilla press. Couldn't wait any longer to make a batch of nice and soft corn tortillas. For the filling decided to go with pulled pork.

I marinated these two 1,5 kg (3 lbs) pork shoulders overnight in the fridge with the southern succor rub. In the morning fired up the pit and barbecued them for about 8 hours with cherry wood.

Basted them every two hours with the Southern Sop as usual. Towards the end raised the heat and basted them more often with apple juice.

Let them rest for two hours before pulling the meat. Shredded them with two forks. Should be enough pulled pork for a day or two...

Tacos need a salsa, so made Pico de Gallo as well. Got these ripe tomatoes, an onion, lime, jalapeños and fresh coriander (cilantro).

Mixed Masa Harina with water and a dash of salt. Made little balls and pressed them in to nice little tortillas with the new press.

All they need is about one minute each side on a hot dry skillet.

Ready! Tastes absolutely fantastic!

Had them for breakfast, had them for lunch. Guess what's the dinner gonna be?



2-Skinny said...

These look great! Your posts are definitely inspiring me for this summer!

Sterno said...

Thank you, that is very nice to hear!

These tacos were indeed very nice. I will do them again and again ...and again for sure :)


Anonymous said...

Onko tuo shoulder/butt suomessa yhtä kuin porsaan lapaa ? Todella hyvät sivut!

Sterno said...

Kiitos palautteesta!

Tuo liha taitaa olla suomeksi porsaan etuselkä. Sen saa yleensä joko luun kanssa tai ilman luuta. Sillä ei ole merkitystä, mutta useinmiten ostan valmiiksi ilman luuta.


- said...

Hi Sterno! Thanks for the great blog, you have inspired me to start smokin' =)

My first go at pulled pork resulted in the meat not being overcooked enough - the meat didnt pull. I smoked a 750g butt for 6,5h at 150C. I didnt have a meat thermometer, I propably should..

At what temps and about how long would you recommend smoking the meat, and If I have a thermometer, what temp should the meat be when its ready ? Thanks again!

Eikös etuselkä ole sama kuin kassleri ?