Saturday, March 19, 2011

It's BBQ Time!!!

Finally the move to our house is more or less over. It's been a busy three months, so haven't had a chance to do a proper BBQ in a long time. Sun is shining, weather is nice, time to fire up the pit and do some real BBQ again!

For the Pulled Pork we need a "butt". I bought this nice 3kg pork shoulder or actually a neck, as that's how they call it here in Germany. I used the good old recipe for the Southern Succor rub and the Southern Sop baste, which can be found here. Kept the Butt rubbed and refrigerated for a few hours and re-rubbed it before it went to the pit.

I wanted to experiment a bit with the baby back ribs. I didn't make my usual rub this time, but used on one of the ribs the Southern Succor rub and on the other one a ready made Stubb's BBQ rub.

For a long time I've been wanting to try the traditional 1800's style rub - salt and pepper.

After an hour or two I put the chicken wings in the smoker too. As the pit is open, used the opportunity to check the butt and the ribs.

Basting the butt generously with a warm Southern Sop.

Sprayed apple cider vinegar on the ribs to keep them moist.

Time to add more charcoal and wood. This time I used both apple and cherry tree for the smoke.

First thing ready is the chicken. After smoking the wings for a good hour and a half, I still grilled them for a nice crispy skin. I was basting the wings with Stubb's Inferno Wicked Wing sauce while grilling. Very tasty and hotter than I remembered!

Next the ribs are done. As usual, tasted very nice. My own rub has a bit more kick than the ones I used here, but nevertheless ribs were gone in a flash.

I let Sterno Jr. try BBQ ribs for the first time. I gave him the ribs which had just salt and pepper for the rub. Oh boy did he like it! He cleared quite a few bones and he is just 15 months old! Well, I should have known as his favourite food is a grilled ribeye steak...

Another 8 hours later the pork shoulder is ready. Let it cool for an hour or two and pull it with two forks in to this nice shredded meat.

Pulled Pork Sandwich served with home made Jack Daniels BBQ sauce. Heaven!!

Pulled Pork Sandwich served with vinegar based coleslaw and home made Jack Daniels BBQ sauce. Even more heaven!!

I love ribs! I love Pulled Pork Sandwiches! I love BBQ!


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