Sunday, August 15, 2010

My favourite way to eat ribs!

I got some leftover baby back ribs from our yesterdays BBQ. Ribs are nice, but they are even nicer in a proper BBQ Sandwich! I had these ribs in the Outlaw smoker for a good four hours. Smoked them with dry cherry wood, glazed in the end with mixture of running honey and Stubb's Original BBQ sauce.

Step 1. of making BBQ sammies, open a beer!  Erdinger Weissbier this time. Not a bad beer, rather nice actually.

I think we have everything for a couple of pulled rib sandwiches. Take a dull knife and remove that meat from those ribs. A really sharp knife gets stuck on the bones, so I rather use a dull knife for this job.

Warmed up the pulled ribs, my crazy hot Habanero-BBQ beans and a few drumsticks for appetizers.

Fresh bread, pulled baby back ribs, Stubb's sauce, home made coleslaw, hot BBQ beans and Charcoal Grilled Pineapple Salsa on the side - heaven!!!

I know, another rib sandwich post, but hey, that's the way I like my ribs!


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