Sunday, August 15, 2010

Motorsport Grill Sandwich

Few weeks ago we had a great Motorsport-Sunday. All day good races from the morning to the late evening. Obviously I didn't have time for a proper BBQ, but I wanted to have a quick BBQ fix. So, I thought lets make a quick and dirty Motorsport Grill Sandwich!

I had bought these ready made Bosporus Skewers. They are strongly spiced skewers made of ground beef (minced meat). Yes, cheap and processed meat, stuff what I never usually buy, but I have them and I am in a hurry, so this is just about perfect for my Motorsport Sandwich.

For the ultimate Motorsport flavor, I decided to use Grill Lighting Fuel for lighting the charcoal.

Step 1. Open a nice beer. Augustiner Edelstoff, possibly one of the best beers Germany has to offer.

Wohoo, the lighting fluid really stinks and brings a wicked smell of petroleum or kerosene in the air! Perfect aroma for the Motorsport Sandwich!

OK, we got ash on the charcoal and the petroleum doesn't stink too bad any longer, so in goes the skewers. They do smell fantastic whiled grilled directly over hot charcoal!

Top quality bread, lovely house made coleslaw, good BBQ sauce and the Bosporus skewers - perfect Grill Sandwiches. Well I had to make one with bacon as well. Awesome! :D

They were sooooo tasty and nice, that I made them again for dinner!!

Squeeze it together and enjoy!!

OK, I think it's enough about sandwiches. Stay tuned for some hardcore hardware reviews next!


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