Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hot Wings

I had a really strong craving for Hot Wings. I did not want just any wings, but Hot BBQ Wings! Had to drive to a few different supermarkets until I could find any chicken wings. Bought last three packets they had. Hot sunny day, sweating around the pit, lets make a proper report out of it.

Dusted the wings generously with my own rub.

Fired up the Outlaw. I want to smoke the wings first for two hours in cherry wood smoke.

Need to cut some cherry tree first! Got to use my new saw!!

We have smoke! I love cherry tree smoke in the morning!!

Nearly two hours in the pit, I think these are ready for some crisping.

Crisping the skin of the chicken over charcoal. Mopped the wings with Stubb's Original Wicked Wing Sauce (mild sauce).

Nice and crisp.

Poured a cup full of melted butter on them.

As the heading says, Hot Wings, I'll coat mine in Stubb's Inferno Wing sauce!

Finger licking goood!! Hot enough sauce to my liking, just perfect!


Stubb's Legendary Kitchen said...

Oh my goodness, that looks great.

Sterno said...

Thank You very much! I am so happy Stubb's sauces are accessible here in Germany. Absolutely the best Sauces available.