Monday, July 5, 2010

A little 4th of July BBQ

Happy 4th of July! I've been away for three weeks on a nice and relaxing holiday. I did manage to do quite a bit grilling, but no real BBQ, so it's about time to get the smoker up and running again and fill it up with some heavenly BBQ goodies!

Today we BBQ some baby back ribs, MOINK balls and my absolutely favorite - the sweet, hot and spicy BBQ beans.

Made up some meatballs from ground pork & beef mixture. Yes I know, the original MOINK Ball recipe forbids pork in the meatballs, but I find using beef only in the meatballs too dry. A little pork in there makes them so much more juicy. Sprinkle some rub and wrap them in bacon. Smoke them with apple wood for about a good 2 hours or so.

The pit is running in good temps, so time for a nice cold beer, sit back and relax. Spray the ribs every 2hrs or so with apple cider vinegar when adding some more wood to the firebox.

Three hours later everything starts to look ready. Oh yes, added a couple of chicken drum sticks there as well. Smoked chicken just tastes so nice, that whenever I BBQ, I throw in any chicken I can find.

At this stage I mixed some honey and BBQ sauce for a glaze and glazed the MOINK Balls and ribs with it. Left them for another 20min or so in the pit so that the glaze sticks nicely on the grub.

Ready! These meatballs taste really really good!!

I crisped the skin of the chicken with my gas Weber. Mopped them with Stubb's BBQ basting sauce for a bit more flavor in the skin.

Ribs turned out to be delicious, as usual!

I love ribs!!!

Smoked BBQ beans, MOINK Balls, ribs, chicken, a little salad and a slice or two of fresh bread on the side - what else could one wish for?

Bon appetit!

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