Sunday, June 6, 2010

MOINK Balls!

Saturday 5th of June is the World MOINK Ball Day. To celebrate it, I put together a little BBQ for a couple of friends. MOINK Balls are delicious, but what are they? Well, M=Moo and OINK is quite obvious, so MOINK Balls are basically beef meatballs wrapped in bacon and barbecued with your favorite wood smoke for a good hour or two.

I made made a bunch of meatballs, spiced them up with fresh onion, garlic, fresh finely chopped coriander, cumin, salt, black pepper and a dash of Worcestershire sauce. Dusted them gently with my Basic BBQ Rub.

Wrapped them in bacon and pierced them with some unusually large cocktail sticks.
I thought ABT's might compliment the MOINK Balls rather well, so de-seeded a bunch of jalapenos.

Injected them with cream cheese.

Wrapped them in bacon and put them all in the pit. Added a few braided bratwursts and chicken drumsticks there as well. Apple tree for the smoke.

Dusted a bit more of my generic rub on the MOINK Balls.

Then the doorbell rang and post brought me some Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce! What a perfect timing! Never even tasted SBR, as it's not too easy to find it over here in Europe.

It's ready!! Coated most of the the MOINK Balls with a mixture of honey and Sweet Baby Ray's and let the glaze set for about 10 minutes in the smoker.

Crisped the skin of the chicken in the Weber kettle over hot charcoal while basting it with Stubb's BBQ baste.

The ABT's were fantastic as well, except ... the first bite of the ABT delivers the most beautiful flavor of the Atomic Buffalo Turd that just feels like heaven ...  until the insanely hot burn kicks you in the face like an angry buffalo!  The jalapenos over here in Germany are just soooo hot.  I love'em anyway! :)

Saved the best for the last, enjoyed the original MOINK Ball experience with the few uncoated MOINK Balls dipped in D.L Jardin's Raspberry Chipotle Sauce! 

Absolutely delicious!!