Friday, October 9, 2009

Texas Style Chili con Carne with BBQ Beans

Chili con Carne, or just chili for short, is one of my favorite dishes.  There's many ways of doing it, but today I wanted to have some smoky flavor in it, so I'll be adding some of my cherry wood smoked BBQ beans in it which I smoked earlier this week.

Most important thing is to use fresh vegetables. I got some really nice looking fresh onions, bell peppers, garlic, habanero chili and jalapenos.

I chop the chilies quite small, garlic and onions half fine and half coarse. I used the whole habanero and three hot jalapenos as we want some heat in the chili. Isn't that what chili is all about, eh?

I want to use this chili for filling tacos and tortillas, so I use 2 pounds of ground beef.  I'm browning the meat with some of the chopped habaneros and garlic. I add also soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, ground black pepper, cayenne pepper, salt and plenty of cumin.

Sweat the onions and rest of the garlic and chilies in the big pot until onion gets nice golden color.

Combine them all together.  Add lots of paprika powder, a couple of bay leaves and a  good splash of coffee. Then add 4 cans of tomatoes.

A couple of hours later I chopped up the bell peppers.  I add them later so that they don't get too mushy. Nice to have some crunch in the chili as well. This would be perfect as it is now, but this time I add the smoked sweet and spicy beans I made yesterday.  They have a lovely cherry wood smoke flavor, some bacon, apple mash and molasses in them already.  This adds the needed sweetness to the chili.

Gazillions of ways to eat it and serve it, but I'm having a little taster now on a tortilla with a little bit salsa (tomatoes, onion, jalapeno and lime juice).

Very nice tasting chili. Rich and full flavor.  I often make the chili without beans, but these smoky beans made it surprisingly nice.


Mark said...

That looks mighty tasty! Just a note - true Texas chili doesn't have beans... ever. Come chilis do, I know, and taste great.

Denny said...

I didn't think true Texas Chili had hamburger in it either,but chunks of beef instead. What I call Texas chili, has no beans, very meaty with chunks of beef, red chilis for both heat and the color of the sauce, and some coffee.
But what do I know... I'm a Hoosier.

Sterno said...

Thanks guys for your comments. Yes, I do know that Texas Chili does not have beans and it's originally done from chunks of meat instead of minced meat. I should not have called it Texas Chili, but rather BBQ Chili or something like that.

My idea with this post was about bringing those Texas smoked BBQ flavors in to a simple but nice chili, which we are used to make here in Europe.

Well, thanks to you, I will definitely have to make an Authentic Texas Chili post soon. I'll make it in a Dutch Oven to truly follow the origins! :)