Friday, October 9, 2009

Smoked chicken wings, drumsticks and BBQ beans

This week we've been having sunny and warm days, so great time for a little BBQ again.

I made my basic rub for the chicken wings and drumsticks.

Ignite the Weber briquettes. I much prefer lump charcoal, but the Weber briquettes do give such an even and long lasting heat, that they work really well with my lil' smoker.

The chicken goes in and now I have two hours to wait.

Let's make some sweet and spicy BBQ beans and smoke them for a couple of hours.

Two hours later the chicken looks nice and ready.  I ran the smoker at usual smoker temperatures the first hour, but at higher temps (about 300 F) the second hour, which crisped the skin to perfection.

Very nice, enjoying the chicken with some Stubb's BBQ sauce.

The smoked beans were absolutely lovely too.  They are a perfect side dish, nice extra filling for tacos or tortillas etc. I'll be using some of them in my Texas style Chili con Carne as well.

Stay Tuned!


Anonymous said...

why not smoke em first so it permeates the skin. i think grilling "locks the skin" and its tough for the smoke to get in there.

i do it that way and works.
im not a smoker master. but a master smoker.. haha.

nice sight buddy..

Anonymous said...

my bad. i re-read and you do it the way i do..

way to go cheif chef!

marty mcwingster.

Anonymous said...

I cooked this one the other day in my smoker