Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pulled pork sandwich

It was a warm and sunny day yesterday, so good time for a little BBQ.  I had a craving for nice BBQ sandwiches, that would be Pulled Pork sandwiches and rib sandwiches.

First we need to BBQ the meat.  Few ribs and a pork butt (pork shoulder).

I also smoked some beans.  Fried a packet of bacon, one large onion and one green paprika.  Added to that to three cans of Heinz baked beans, good amount of cayenne pepper and hot chili powder, half a jar of apple mash, good splash of molasses, BBQ sauce and some Worcestershire sauce.  Bake it in the smoker for about 2 hours.

Ribs were ready in about 4-5 hours and the butt in about 9 hours.  Pulled the pork in to small nice pieces.

Baked some fresh buns in the oven and fill them with pulled pork, hot beans and BBQ sauce. Absolutely delicious.

Today I made some soft tacos as well.  Fill the warmed up tortillas with pulled pork, hot beans, grated cheddar and Salsa Mexicano.  Heavenly tasty!

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dejaArt said...

Can I marry you? So yummy :D