Monday, October 26, 2009

Beer Butt Chicken

Beer Butt Chicken is known by many different names, like "Beer In The Rear Chicken", "Chicken On A Throne" or just "Beer Can Chicken".  Wash a can of beer with soap and warm water, open the can and pour yourself half of the beer. Drink it and enjoy. Leave the other half of the beer in the can. Insert the beer can into the cavity of the chicken to create a vertical roasting stand. The chicken gets barbecued while steamed from the inside to keep the meat moist.

Apply your favourite rub on the chicken and place the bird sitting on the can in to your grill or smoker. 

Smoke it with cherry or apple wood for about 2 hours. First about one hour in 120C (250F).  I usually add some wood after an hour, turn the bird around and add few more charcoals to raise the temperature to about 150C (300F) so the skin turns nice and crisp.  I also like to baste the chicken with BBQ basting sauce when turning it for extra flavour and moistness.

If you don't have wood available, don't worry. Beer Butt Chicken can be done as well only with charcoal. It tastes really nice like this as well, but obviously if you love smoked flavour, go with the wood.

Use a thermometer to monitor the temps of your bird. The chicken is ready when it reaches about 77C (170F) in the thigh or 72C (160F) in the breast. I usually cook mine to about 80C as I like it well done.

You will not need a water pan in your grill or smoker, as the beer keeps the bird moist enough from inside and you want a nice and crisp skin anyway, so the dryer heat works just perfectly.

Serve it for example with chips and a side salad.  I also made a tasty Mango-Habanero BBQ sauce which went really well with the chicken.

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