Saturday, October 17, 2009

Barbecue Chicken

Barbecuing a whole chicken is really easy, fun and it's incredibly tasty. Buy the best possible chicken you can get.  I bought today this 1.8kg (4lbs) Bio Chicken. It's absolutely worth the extra money and it has a proper amount of meat for feeding at least 2 hungry people.

Make the chicken rub and apply it generously all over the bird.  I usually put the rub on at least 2 hours before I cook it to get more intense flavors.

You can use a regular Weber kettle grill for making the BBQ chicken.  I'm using only about two fist fulls of charcoal as I don't want the temperatures to go too high.  About 120 Celsius (250 F) is just perfect cooking temperature for the chicken.  In the end you might want to raise the temperature a bit for a nice and crispy skin.

After about one hour I baste the chicken with Stubb's BBQ baste.  This sauce gives really fantastic flavor and aromas to the chicken. After basting the bird, my garden smelled so delicious that I was drooling all over myself.

When the internal temperature of the thigh gets about 78-80 Celsius (175 F) the chicken is ready.  I'm serving it today with some fries, a little side salad and home made BBQ sauce.

Simple and absolutely delicious!

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