Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Armadillo Eggs

Armadillo Eggs is an interesting BBQ dish.  They look and taste really nice.  It's basically cheese stuffed jalapeños rolled inside an egg shaped meatball.  Traditionally pork sausage meat is used, but I tried it out with ground beef, as that's what I found in my fridge

Cut the stem end of the jalapeños, take out the seeds with a small knife and stuff them with cheddar cheese.

I seasoned my meat with chopped onions and garlic, black pepper, salt, ground cumin, cayenne pepper and a good dash of Worcestershire sauce.  Make a round patty of the meat, place your stuffed jalapeño in the middle and wrap the meat patty all around it.  Roll the meatball in your hands in to egg shape.

You could grill them in indirect heat or even make them in the oven, but I love the smoked flavour so I smoked them for nearly 2 hours with cherry and apple tree in my Weber kettle. I sprinkled my basic rub on the eggs just before putting them in to the grill for adding a nice and tasty crust.

After about two hours, these eggs look ready to me. I had coated half of the eggs with my home made BBQ sauce about 15 minutes before I took them out of the grill.  The coating makes a bit more interesting crust on the eggs, but to be honest the ones without the coating were just about as nice.

Ready! Looks and tastes very nice.  However, I can see why people use pork instead of beef - they were not as juicy as I wished.  I'll definitely use minced pork or sausage meat next time I'm making these.

If you are serving these for a bigger group of people, you could play a funny game - Armadillo Eggs lottery.  Fill one of the eggs with a Habanero chili instead of a jalapeño.  Give the "winner" a special price to cool down his burning mounth. :)


atk said...

That looks sooo good and easy enough for amateurs to do! Very nice!

Anonymous said...

Serrano, Lemon Drop and Aji Cristall lottery was great success. Luckily for my poor friend, all nagas were unmature and malaguetas are too small to stuff with a cheese :D