Monday, September 28, 2009

BBQ Thermometer review

Most important tool for successful BBQ is a good thermometer.  You must know the temperature inside your smoker/grill.  It also makes your life much easier to see the internal temperature of the food your cooking. 

BBQ means cooking low and slow, so you do want a wireless thermometer. It just makes your life so much easier to be able sit at your terrace or even inside and know what's happening in your smoker without having to walk over and see. Some models also lets you set alarms to alert you if the smoker temperature gets too high or too low. This is really useful in longer cooks, like brisket or pulled pork, where you cook easily +12hrs and need to possibly add more charcoal at some point.

My favorite wireless thermometer is the Maverick RediCheck (ET-73).


The Maverick thermometer has everything you need. It has two separate probes, one for the internal temperature of your smoker and second for the temperature of the food your cooking.  It also has timer and alarms for high or low heat.  I can't recommend this thermometer enough, it's just a must have for any serious BBQ'er.

Sometimes when you're cooking different foods at same time, even one Maverick isn't enough.  You could always get a second one (I wouldn't mind!) or have another wireless thermometer.  For measuring just your food temperature, you might consider the Weber Style Audio Thermometer.

The Weber could not be more simple to use. Select your food and select how you wan't it done (raw, medium, well done, etc) with just few clicks. When your food is about to hit the target temperature, a nice female voice will speak to you: It's nearly done, it's nearly done!   That's just amazing and fun.

The Weber is a bit bigger, looks a bit funkier and has a timer function as well.

The transmitters stays by your cooker. The maverick transmitter also has the temperature display, which shows both temps one by one.  This is actually really useful, as when you're at your cooker, you still see the temps, as I can't be bothered to carry the receivers with me.

Conclusion:  If you need just one wireless thermometer, get the Maverick, as it has both smoker and food temperature probes.  For a second thermometer only for food measurements or grilling, the Weber is really nice.

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