Monday, August 31, 2009

Welcome to Sterno's BBQ

Hi, my name is Sterno and I'm addicted to Texas style BBQ! :)

I'm a Finnish guy living in Germany these days, an avid griller since I was a kid in 70's. About three years ago my life changed completely as I decided to try to smoke ribs with my Weber kettle grill. Holy Guacamole Batman - what a difference!

I'll be never able to eat grilled or oven baked ribs again. They are just so dull and boring compared to proper Texas style BBQ ribs, smoked low and slow with mild fruit wood smoke.

Nowadays I'm smoking beef, chicken, pork and even side dishes with my trusty old Weber and my new off-set pit smoker. I started this blog purely for the love and passion I have for Texas style BBQ. I'll be posting a lot of pics, tips and recipes of delicious Texas Style BBQ food.

Stay tuned!



Blank said...

Hello Sterno,
I stumbled upon your Blog today and I like it. I posted your about your Blog on the Alt.Food.Barbecue News Group for others to find and enjoy. Nice pictures! Everything looks delicious! I'm an avid amateur BBQ'r too and if you want, you can look my website over. It's all about BBQ also.

I found your Blog on, The Smoke Ring. My site is a member also.

piedmont (Michael)

From South Carolina, USA

Amy Marie/Sharkie said...

Hello Sterno, I found you on the Forum and just "devoured" your entire blog over the past hour and half...its absolutely wonderful. I have so much Id like to try based on your blog. Thank you for sharing the beautiful photos and all your tips. Warm Regards from Ft Worth Texas :o)

Sterno said...

Thank You very much Amy Marie! Happy to hear you enjoyed reading it!

Anonymous said...

I'm a finnish guy in my mid 20's and I'm going to learn all these recepes and pass them on. Great stuff! Maybe some day we´ll have a real bbq culture here in Finland too.


Sterno said...

Thanks for your comment pgrt! Yes pass on the message of BBQ and one day we will have the BBQ culture in Finland too!